Bombardix 1.2

A new version of the classic bomber-style adventure game
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The newest reincarnation of the platforming adventure relying on explosives to solve puzzles and kill enemies features stylized pseudo-3D graphics, quick-paced gameplay, flexible difficulty variations, a set of new maps and a competitive scoring system for arcade modes.

Bombardix is the main character of this awesome game. The objective of the game is quite simple: to kill bosses on each world and to score as many points as many points as possible. You have to kill all monsters in the game field and find a door to complete the current level and proceed to the next one. Many different bonuses will help you on your way: (Extra Life, Extra Bomb, Extra Explosion, Time-Fuse, Monster Freeze, Walk Wall, Armageddon, SpeedUp, Shield, etc.). When you complete all levels on all worlds and kill all bosses - you win! Let the luck be with you! Only the bravest and nimblest will be able to get everything!
Game features:
- breathtaking action!!!
- 3D rendered cutscenes
- 120 levels!!!
- 5 giant game worlds!
- 9 different bonuses;
- 5 big bosses;
- three levels of difficulty;
- beautiful graphics;
- high-quality sound and music;

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